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Welcome to the new PRSA-CCC blog, where Chapter members will provide recaps of Chapter events and discuss other PR-related issues. We hope you find it informative!

Convince your employer for a PRSA membership

That time of the year rolls around: membership dues. Of course, you want to renew your membership. But wouldn’t it be nice to have your employer cover the expense? Consider asking your boss. The reasons why aren’t just beneficial for you professionally, but there are a number of advantages for your employer to get on board.

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Social Media + The Evolving PR Landscape

One of the biggest pros of Social Media is that it allows us to get the latest and greatest updates down to the second. However, one of the biggest cons of Social media is that we have the constant pressure to deliver the latest and greatest updates down to the second.

Luckily for young professionals, they’ve grown up with social media and thus understand how to tame the beast.

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Make LinkedIn Work for You

LinkedIn is one of the best professional tools out there…when used correctly. But, just like a stagnant social media page, an incomplete LinkedIn profile isn’t a good look and worse, a huge missed opportunity.

LinkedIn is your digital portfolio and (especially if you’re a student or recent graduate) you should have no shortage of information to publish if you look at it this way.

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The (five) golden rules for crisis communications

By Beth Wenbourne Katz, September 1, 2016

Stay in the public relations business long enough and one day you’ll be on the receiving end of a media firestorm, and — no matter how good you are at your job — it’s going to suck. Still, this is where you earn those salaries and your stripes, so you may as well be prepared. The PRSA Sacramento chapter recently held a luncheon in which seasoned PR professional Nancy Kinkaid (@PRDiva0) and investigative reporter Kurtis Ming (@CBS13CallKurtis) gave some sound advice that can help you to be ready when that day comes. Here are five key takeaways:
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What I wish I knew when I was young

By Guinnevere King, August 7, 2016

I enjoyed attending the “What I Wish I Knew when I was a Young Pro” event presented by Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) New Pros at Outlet Coworking in Midtown Sacramento. The panel was led by Julie Hooper, Director of Public Affairs at Randle Communications, John Frith, APR, Owner of The Write Stuff Communications and Patrick Harbison, Owner and Executive Director of PHPR Agency.

One of my favorite things to do at PRSA New Pros events is arrive early and to meet other aspiring professionals. These events are always a great opportunity to reconnect with colleagues and fellow new professionals in the communications field. Before each event, the atmosphere is always friendly and vibrant.
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How journalists work in 2016 and how PR pros can help them

By John Frith, July 29, 2016

It’s tough being a reporter in 2016.

Besides the constant fear of layoffs and downsizing, the workload is incredible. It’s not just writing and reporting the news for print, TV, or radio anymore — you also have to worry about web videos, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and all the other social media demands that news organizations are increasingly demanding.

Last night, a group of four veteran communicators braved triple-digit heat in River City to tell a group of PR pros at an outdoor PRSA event what it’s like in the trenches, and how we can best serve our clients and employers in this brave new world we’re living in.

Despite all the upheaval, as someone who began my career armed with a notepad and a manual typewriter, the panelists all expressed hope that journalism will survive in one form or another.
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