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That time of the year rolls around: membership dues. Of course, you want to renew your membership. But wouldn’t it be nice to have your employer cover the expense? Consider asking your boss. The reasons why aren’t just beneficial for you professionally, but there are a number of advantages for your employer to get on board.

Let’s take a look.

Gain further insight and best practices related to public relations

The amount of resources associated with a PRSA membership can allow you to bring new ideas and information back to your office to share with colleagues, which you could end up implementing to your day-to-day operations. From webinars and luncheons, to speaker sessions and mixers, you’ll be armed with plenty of material to present to your employer. It’s rarely a bad thing to offer fresh or different perspectives to your organization.

Gain experience and work on projects you wouldn’t be able to get otherwise

Take your membership a step further and explore ways to acquire leadership experience. Join a committee, coordinate events and take an active role that gives you added confidence that will translate your job.

Expand your network and make connections

Whether you’re networking with professionals within the public relations industry or across multiple fields, expanding your network could lead to more opportunities for yourself and your company. New connections can allow you to see how other professionals and organizations treat certain trends or practices. There’s potential to form new partnerships or strengthen current relationships that may have gone stale.

Promote your company to like-minded professionals

This can come in many forms. Post from your company’s social media accounts during a PRSA-related event, demonstrating engagement beyond your typical objectives. You can immerse your organization into a community of industry leaders and innovators. It’s another opportunity to expand your employer’s reach.

More likely than not, your boss is either currently involved with a professional organization like PRSA, or have been in the past. He or she should take an interest in the fact that you’re seeking opportunities to become a more seasoned pro and more active in the community.

Give it a shot!

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