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The Code & You

In 2000, PRSA undertook one if its most important initiatives in recent times—it revised the Member Code of Ethics. The goal was to make the code a living standard among all public relations professionals. Today, the PRSA Member Code of Ethics:

  • Provides principles and standards that should guide our decisions and actions.
  • Helps us apply our values in the course of our every-day work.
  • Outlines what we should do in sticky situations, and why.
  • Demonstrates to those outside of the PR industry, the importance PRSA members place on adhering tohigh ethical standards.

From Enforcement to Education

The new Code of Ethics is designed to inspire ethical behavior rather than emphasize punishment for unethical conduct. To that end, the California Capital Chapter (CCC) participates in a national education campaign to help members enhance their ability to practice public relations in a professional and ethical manner.

Each September during Ethics Awareness Month, the CCC teaches members about the code’s guiding principals and reminds them about their pledge to uphold the code.